Record of Deaths in Salem Village

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Persons Departed by Death in Salem Village (1688-1703)


Nov. 30. Nathaniel Sheldon son to WO Sheldon, well on Monday, sick Tuesday distracted on Thursday & so continued till Friday it dyed, 10 years old.
Dec. 20. Samuel Wilkins a very naughty man & died very hopefully, 52 years old.
Jan. 1. "Samuel Fuller at meeting the Sabbath well before day Tuesday was speechless & dyed this day, 1/2 an hour before I came" 27 years old.


Mar. 11. Tabitha (daughter to James) Smith well & dead in 4 days" 3
Apr. 11. Job Switherton 88
Apr. 17. John Byshop kill'd with the Indians" 18
Sept. Nicholas Reed Edw: Putnams man killd wth ye Indians 18


July Godfrey (killed) Sheldon kill'd by the Indians 24
"Tho: Alsot kill'd at Casko"
"Ed w° Crocker kill'd at Casko"
"George Bogwell kill'd at Casko"
Sept. 19. "Jacob Phillips of the Small Pox"


Dec. 2. Wm Sheldon cut his knee then hurt by a fall above 2 weeks 80


May 16. Dan: Wilkins Bewitched to death 17
May 29. daughter to Ann Douglas by Witchcraft I doubt not


May 30. John Andrews of a Consumption at Cambridge
June "William Tarbell souldier at the Eastward" 21


Oct. 11. " Eliz: wife to Timothy Allen of Groton" 70 odd
Oct. 27. Ruth daughter to Job Swinnerton, & buryed the 28 instant being the Lords day, & ye corpse carryed by ye meeting-house door in time of singing before meeting afternoon & more at ye Funerall than at ye Sermon 28


Feb. 3. Jacob only son to Jacob Fuller well yesterday & dead this day" 11 three year old 5 March next 3
Nov. 22. Francis Nurse 77


Jan. 31. wife to John Martin not sick a fortnight"


June Thomas Fuller Senr 80


Apr. 7. Sab. Job Swinnerton 70
May 19. Sab. Sarah wife of Joshua Rae, Sr, 70
July 23. Nathaniel Putnam Senr about 79 or 80" 80


Jan. 1. Bray Wilkins-1702 aged 92
Jan. 2. William Buckley aged 80


Dec. 3. Daniel Andrew Senr Dyed of ye Small pox 59


Jan. 6. Thomas Andrew ye 2d son of Danll Andrew dyed of ye Small pox 24
Jan. 12. Samll Andrew ye 3d son of Dan" Andrew dyed of ye Sin. pox" 19