Samuel Willard

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The Basics

Full Name: Samuel Willard
First Name: Samuel
Last Name: Willard
Maiden Name:
Birth Date: 1640
Death Date: 1707
Father: Simon Willard
Mother: Mary Sharp
Spouse: Eunice Tyng
Marriage Date: 1679
Town: Boston
Occupation: minister in Boston (3rd church)
Trial Role(s): trial critic, assisted escapes, accused
Trial Activity: critic of the trials, author of Some Miscellany Observations. Helped suspects escape. Named
Notes: 1664 married Abigail Sherman
Record Number(s): [1]
Link to case file at the Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive and Transcription Project: [ Case File]
Link to records containing the name Samuel Willard: Records


  1. Rosenthal, Bernard, Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt, (New York : Cambridge University Press, 2009, ISBN 0521661668 ), Record number(s):

Summary Narrative

Samuel Willard During the trials, Samuel Willard resided in (--). The home is visible on the (--) map of (--) and is indexed as #(--). The coordinates are (--), (--). The nearest modern street address is (--) The following individuals lived with Samuel Willard in 1692: (--)

Personal Life

Samuel Willard was born (--) in (--) and died (--) in (--). (--) married (--) on (--) in (--). The couple had the following children: (--) Samuel Willard worked as a (--) (--) served on the village committee in (--)

The Trials

Samuel Willard is best known for (--). During the trials, (--) was involved as Minister. Samuel Willard was (--) Samuel Willard was accused by (--) Samuel Willard was baptized as a witch on (--) Samuel Willard is referenced by record numbers (--) in the Salem Witchcraft Papers. Samuel Willard made accusations against (--) Samuel Willard was reportedly attacked by (--) Samuel Willard reportedly attacked (--) Samuel Willard was tried and found (--) Samuel Willard was sentenced to (--)


A warrant was issued for Samuel Willard on (--) Samuel Willard was arrested on (--) Samuel Willard was first examined on (--) Samuel Willard was released from jail on (--)


Samuel Willard paid (--) in taxes in 1681 Samuel Willard paid (--) in taxes in 1690 Samuel Willard paid (--) in taxes in 1695 Samuel Willard paid (--) in taxes in 1700

Literature & Film

Samuel Willard was featured in (--) Samuel Willard has been portrayed by (--)